Discover Orroli Orroli, small country on the upland of Sarcidano, rises in a basin of the highland of Pranemuru, at the borders of the valley of the Flumendosa. The town, surrounded by luxuriant woods of downy oak, it is studded with important archaeological sites, such as the necropolis of Su Motti, with its domus de janas drawn by erratic rocks of basalt, or the marvellous nuraghe Arrubiu, located in a panoramic position and with a five-lobed structure.


Orroli's historical centre is rich of buildings and residences that show typical portals and courts in campidanese style. Of considerable interest is the parish church of San Vincenzo Martire and the church of San Nicola. In addition to that, not too far from the town there are the lakes Mulargia and Flumendosa, two blue expanse surrounded by the bright green country, point of attraction for many visitors interested in fishing and boating.


The suggestions of the archaeological park immersed in the silence and placed into marvellous scenarios; the possibility to practice fishing or boating cutting through the surface of the lakes; the wealth of pleasant and characteristics accommodations; a rich calendar of events and feasts; there are many reasons for visit Orroli! On the first Sunday of June, the town celebrate its most important feast, dedicated to Santa Caterina, with a procession of worshipers dressed in traditional costumes, and culminating in the homonym rural church, where it is organized a rich and tasty banquet with Sardinian dishes.


Every summer takes place in Orroli an important appointment: the “Corrorroli - Memorial Mariano Leoni Corre”, a street run competition which draws a large number of world-class athletes and a large audience to support their favourite. Please note that in the near lakes of Orroli it is possible to organize some suggestive boat trips, very interesting for all the nature lovers.